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Criminal Defense

When faced with criminal charges by the State of Connecticut, individuals come to Nemchek & Poeschl for help. With extensive state court trial experience as well as a problem-solving approach, Nemchek & Poeschl helps its clients achieve the best possible outcomes thereby reducing negative impacts to reputation, employment, student aid, insurance rates, financial security, housing and driving rights. Nemchek & Poeschl has defended clients against traffic crimes and motor vehicle offenses, drug crimes, theft crimes, domestic violence crimes, violent crimes including assault, DUI, evading and sex crimes.

Our representation includes all aspects of criminal defense litigation, including extensive client interviews, review of police reports, confirmation of witness and defendant statements and affidavits, review of search warrants, performance of independent investigations, promotion of pretrial rehabilitation and other diversionary programs, preparation and filing of motions, issuance and review of subpoenas, and attendance at all hearings and proceedings involving pretrial issues, trial matters, sentencing and parole.

If you or a loved one have been arrested, it is imperative that you immediately obtain competent legal representation. Although each matter is unique and we can never accurately predict the results of any particular matter, our office has the experience and skill to obtain the best result for your situation.

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Criminal Defense
  • Extensive state court trial experience
  • Seek the best possible outcomes
  • Defend clients against crimes of all kinds