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Trust & Estates

Nemchek & Poeschl understands that everyone is concerned with adequately providing for themselves and their families during their lifetimes and insuring that, upon their deaths, their legacies are preserved and their preferences achieved.

We provide our clients with legal services in the following areas in an effort to insure their wishes and goals are met:

Estate Planning:

  • Through in-person and in-home meetings, we devise custom estate planning strategies ranging from basic to sophisticated
  • Ensure that our clients’ legacies pass to the next generation in a tax-efficient manner 
  • That wishes and expectations are carried out with minimum of disruption to the lives of their families
  • We prepare wills, trusts, business entities and charity vehicles that name the fiduciaries responsible for managing their property and the beneficiaries who will receive it. 
  • Assist clients in putting together powers of attorney, health care directives and living wills 
  • We tailor our planning services to meet the specific needs of our clients; giving them the comfort and security of knowing that should tragedy strike, their loved ones will be provided for.

Gift Planning:

At Nemchek & Poeschl, as part of our comprehensive approach to estate planning, we:
  • Frequently advise clients on the need to make lifetime gifts to family, friends, loved ones and charities. 
  • Use such strategies as annual exclusion giving, transfers to grantor retained annuity trusts (GRATs), qualified personal residence trusts (QPRTs), defective grantor trusts, gifting trusts, dynasty trusts, supplemental needs trusts, and limited liability companies and partnerships to maximize the tax-efficiency of our client’s gifting while maintaining consistency with their estate plans. 
  • Assist clients in preparing and filing any federal or Connecticut gift tax returns that may be required.

Estate Attorneys
  • Protect and provide for your loved ones
  • Preserve your legacy
  • Ensure that your goals are met